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The disadvantaged sections of society are the most affected during calamities.

Natural catastrophes, pandemics, and social disruption are an unfortunate fact of life, especially in a climatically, geologically, and ethnically diverse country like India. The disadvantaged sections of society are the most affected during these calamities as their livelihoods’ already fragile nature gets disrupted further. ​

Over the years, we have engaged in several short-term relief aids and long-term rehabilitation projects with communities impacted by disasters. In the past, we have helped rebuild the lives of people affected by Karnataka Floods, Bihar Floods, Odisha Floods, the Japan Tsunami, Hurricane Sandy, and the Philippines Cyclone, etc.

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Our Approach

Based on our assessment of the disaster, we decide to support the affected communities through relief aid or rehabilitation support, or both.

The relief aid is provided immediately after the disaster, while a detailed assessment is conducted for a long-term rehabilitation project. The aim is to enable the affected communities to restore their livelihoods and stay resilient against future disasters, especially in natural disaster-prone areas.

The nature of engagement varies depending on multiple contexts, such as the region’s geography, culture, and larger socio-economic realities.​

Our Program

Disaster Response Program

To effectively execute projects in our chosen areas of work, we aim to partner with credible organizations that comply with the criteria mentioned below: Should…

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