Turning pages: A teen’s journey from reading struggles to commanding the language

In the heart of South Extension’s Kotla Mubarakpur in Delhi, a beautiful story unfolded in October 2022. A group of teenage boys gathered in a community library for the “Hindi Reading Fluency” program. A reading specialist from The Community Library Project (TCLP) struck up a conversation with them, hoping to inspire them to join the classes. Eventually, they did.  

During the pre-assessment, these boys candidly shared their struggles with reading. The reading specialist, a teacher, assured them that support would be provided and that learning could be enjoyable. As weeks passed, the group made progress, and among them, Sunny (name changed) stood out.  

Sunny, who once found it challenging to identify Hindi varnamala, started making strides with the help of the library’s reading program. Through the “learn to read” module, he grasped letter-sound associations and could construct words using letter cards. His dedication extended beyond the classroom as he spent time in the library, reading books, going over illustrations, and carefully analyzing words.  

In his second reading assessment, Sunny achieved a milestone, reading 39 words per minute and completing his ‘Pehla Kadam’ booklet. With excitement, he exclaimed, “I did it!” After nine months of consistent effort, Sunny became a member of the 100 Book Club, reading 100 books and authoring 20 book reports. Now, he not only reads aloud to friends but also encourages new members to enroll, becoming a part of the English Reading Fluency program.  

Wipro Cares has been supporting TCLP’s reading programs, aiming to enhance members’ reading skills and explore literature beyond academics. TCLP, a library organization in Delhi, operates three free community libraries, providing free access to books for everyone. Sunny’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of literacy, quietly echoing within the walls of the community library.