Recognizing Wastepickers in Bengaluru and Providing Social Security

Hasiru Dala’s rigorous campaigning for occupational identity rights prompted the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) to register waste pickers and offer them occupational identity cards. As a result, waste pickers are no longer faceless, nameless, anonymous laborers. Hasiru Dala’s efforts in ensuring social security entitlements have helped many of the waste pickers to become entrepreneurs in their own right.

“There is one woman who employs over 80 people under her for waste management,” says Nalini Shekar, Co-founder, Hasiru Dala.

Hasiru Dala is supported under Wipro Cares’ Community Ecology program. More than 25,000 workers in the informal sector of waste in Bengaluru and Mysuru have been provided with social, nutritional, and health security through this partnership.