In the past three years, Wipro Cares volunteers have planted 6,500 mangroves to protect Sundarbans

Sundarbans is the world’s last remaining mangrove forest inhabited by tigers. It is currently threatened by severe coastal erosion and natural disasters. 

Wipro Cares volunteers from the Kolkata Location Chapter recently organized a visit to Sundarbans’ Raidighi region. Here, 185 Wiproites planted more than 3,000 mangroves. 

The Kolkata Location Chapter team has been visiting Sundarbans since 2021 to plant mangroves. More than 300 Wiproites have contributed  to these drives. They have planted varied species of mangroves. These include Sundari, Gewa, Keora and Dhundul, among others. 

Wipro Cares’ interventions have helped preserve Sundarbans’ diverse natural habitat. They have indirectly aided hundreds of local fisherfolk as well. These communities rely on a variety of fishes and crustaceans, which thrive because of the mangroves. 

“We saw that the trees we planted three years back, after the devastating Amphan cyclone in Raidighi and adjacent areas, have now spread deep and are protecting the river bed of Nandakumarpur village. We hope the trees we have planted now will bear similar results for the villagers,” said volunteer Shamik Chakraborty.