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The issues around ecology define the struggles of humanity.

As a part of Wipro’s deep commitment to ecological sustainability, Wipro has been involved with multiple environment-related programs both within our business ecosystem and in the civic and social sectors outside.  Commonly called eco-eye, the inception of our sustainability program goes back to 2008.  The four pillars of our program are: Carbon Mitigation and Energy Efficiency, Responsible Water, Waste and Pollution Management, and Biodiversity.

Our programs’ governance model is driven by the principles of rigorous goal-setting, the involvement of multiple internal and external stakeholders, and a boundary-less perspective of environmental challenges that go beyond regulatory compliance and the business ecosystem.

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Our Approach

In the last 20 years, we have set up a corporation-wide sustainability program at Wipro that involves employees, customers, suppliers, investors, the government, communities, and the education system. As a part of this charter, we have defined aspirational goals on dimensions such as  GHG emission reduction, Water, Waste, Biodiversity, People Diversity, Supply Chain, Education, and Community Engagement.

Through our community ecology initiative under Wipro Cares, we focus on creating an ecological balance in our proximate communities by taking up projects that benefit proximate underprivileged communities, directly help improve their Health, Education, and/or Livelihood conditions, and positively impact the environment.

Our Programs

School education

Higher education

Urban Ecology Small Grants Program

The Urban Ecology Small Grants Program supports organizations working on urban ecology challenges in cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Pune each year. We collaborate…

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Urban Water Program

Bangalore and its peri-urban areas are spaces where water and sanitation issues come up regularly. Individuals, communities, informal and formal service providers, and governments are…

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Community Ecology Program

Under the community ecology initiative, we focus on creating an ecological balance in our proximate communities by taking up projects that have direct tangible benefits…

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Bengaluru Sustainability Forum

Set up in 2018, Bengaluru Sustainability Forum (BSF) is a platform by Wipro and key city institutional partners to facilitate dialogues, conversations, and programs around…

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