Community Healthcare Program


Can we apply for grant towards infrastructure cost of healthcare initiatives??

The grant only supports Operations and Human Resources expenses.

Can we apply for donation towards supporting treatment cost such as hospitalization charges or surgical expenses of patients?

We do not provide support for treatments/surgeries of individual patients.

We are an existing recipient of a Wipro grant but in another domain. Can we apply for a healthcare project grant?

Yes. Existing grantees are eligible to apply for healthcare grants. Grant approval is subject to your healthcare project meeting all the requirements under the healthcare grants.

We have expertise in running primary healthcare projects and we would like to initiate a healthcare project in another state, are we eligible to apply?

We expect the organization to have a strong connection with the local communities where they work. This could be through any of their existing projects (in healthcare or other domains). We do not prefer organizations that plan to work in an entirely new area/community.

Our organization has been implementing healthcare projects in different cities through other local NGO partners on ground. Can we apply?

We support only those organizations that are directly involved in implementing healthcare projects on-ground.

We would like to expand an existing model healthcare project which is supported by another funding agency. Can we apply?

Yes. You can apply if your organization is planning to expand an existing healthcare project, provided the locations are close to Wipro Offices in the city.

We would like to get support for an existing primary healthcare project which was previously funded by another organization but has now discontinued their funding. Can we apply?

Yes. Your organization may apply.