I am working in an individual capacity as a volunteer teaching children in XYZ location. Am I eligible for the Fellowship?

We expect applicants to be actively building or running an organization that is working towards strengthening the public education system. Volunteer teaching would not, in itself, meet the criteria for the Fellowship Program.

I am setting up an NGO to give evening classes to children from XYZ location. During the day, I will continue to do my day job to earn money for my daily expenses. Am I eligible for the Fellowship?

The Fellowship is offered for applicants currently working on a full-time basis or intending to work full-time, on their initiative. Furthermore, your NGO must be actively engaging with the public education system, or have a clear plan to do so. Providing evening classes, will not in itself, meet the criteria for the Fellowship Program.

I have set up an organization to run a school for the tribal children staying in the reserved forest area. Am I eligible for the Fellowship?

The Fellowship requires applicants to be working with, or have a clear intention and plan to work with the public education system. Running your own school, does not in itself, meet the criteria for the Fellowship Program.

I live in Delhi but the project is being implemented in rural villages of Rajasthan. Am I eligible for the Fellowship?

Fellows must be based in the location where the initiative is being implemented. We are open to applications from anywhere in India.

There are four people involved in the organization, can we all apply for the Fellowship?

The Fellowship is offered to a maximum of three founders/leaders of an organization. We expect Fellows to be working full-time on the initiative and be holding a leadership/decision-making role within the organization. If there is more than one applicant from the same organization/initiative, each individual is requested to register on the platform and fill the form separately.

My organization is under the process of being registered. Am I eligible for the Wipro Education Fellows grant?

Yes, you may apply. However, to be considered for the Fellowship we would expect there to be a clear plan to register the organization within the next few months.

Can I use the Fellowship money to fund my organization?

The Fellowship stipend can be used as needed by the Fellow, towards salaries, programmatic expenses or other components that will help the organization conduct their work on their educational initiative.

Can I do my MA Education course alongside the Fellowship?

We welcome applicants who have undertaken an academic qualification in the education domain. However, applicants must be working on their initiative or intending to work on their initiative on a full-time basis. Applicants currently pursuing a full-time academic course would not be eligible for the Fellowship.

We are using a specific, unique pedagogy to strengthen the quality of mathematics education? Are we eligible for the Fellowship?

The Fellowship program does not stipulate a particular pedagogical approach to be adopted by the team. We are open to applicants who have chosen to focus on a specific subject/thematic area.

I already receive money from XYZ funders/incubators/fellowships. Does that impact my chances of getting this Fellowship?

We prioritize teams that are in the early stages of building their organization. However, we are open to considering applicants who are already being funded by other organizations, as long as the funding is for programs aligned to the initiative being proposed to Wipro.

How does this Fellowship impact my taxes?

The Fellowship stipend is paid quarterly, into the bank account of individual Fellows. TDS will be deducted from the stipend. We can provide a TDS certificate if required.

My organization works with Children with Disabilities. Can I apply?

Yes, we support organizations from multiple thematic areas under education.

By when can we hear an update on my application?

The selection process involves multiple rounds. If you are selected, our team will get in touch for the next steps within eight weeks of applying for the Fellowship.

Will I be informed in case my application is not selected?

Due to the high volume of applications we receive, we will be unable to reply to all applicants. In case you don’t hear form us within eight weeks, you may consider that we are not going forward with your application.

I would like to speak to someone at Wipro Foundation after applying. Who can I call or email?

We regret that we will not be able to respond to individual queries by phone or email after you have applied. If you have queries regarding the program, please refer to our website. For specific queries, that are not addressed on the website,  you may contact us here.

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