Wipro Science Education Fellowship

Program Goals

The program strives to create skilled cadres of science educators that lead from the classroom to help promote positive change in their districts. The program goals are:

  • Creating and supporting a corps of teachers and leaders
  • Instituting a culture of active and reflective instruction
  • Improving teacher quality through vertical alignment within content and horizontal alignment within grade bands, meeting in small groups, and professional development in order to increase student achievement

This year the program was notably interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic which caused disruptions at all of the Wipro SEF program sites. Government mandates forced closures at all of the school districts and Institutes of Higher Education (IHE) involved, and all moved to an online model of instructional delivery beginning in March 2020. The Wipro SEF program leaders at each site made adjustments to the program to meet the needs of their Fellows. The evaluation this year was able to capture a snapshot of the impact the pandemic was having on districts, schools, Fellows, and the IHEs and to explore the various ways that program leaders adapted to the program disruptions.

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