Insights and Resources


Insights and Resources

Meet Sudha, a teacher whose calling was to touch young lives with positivity. Known for her warm and expressive personality, Sudha's more than two decades of teaching experi

In the heart of South Extension’s Kotla Mubarakpur in Delhi, a beautiful story unfolded in October 2022. A group of teenage boys gathered in a community library for the "H

In the heart of Karnataka, where hope once waned under the weight of water scarcity, Government Model Higher Primary School (GMHPS) in Kora village, Tumakuru district, now s

In the narrative of addressing vaccine hesitancy, let's begin with Ali Farhan, a 4-month-old symbolizing the struggles within underprivileged communities. His journey is aga

At Wipro, we firmly believe that education is an enabler of social change. We envision a democracy where every citizen is empowered and driven by social sensitivity. Our notion of good education envis