Vision Empower’s journey in STEM education: Empowering children with visual impairments

Vision Empower (VE) is an organization that recognizes the challenges faced by visually impaired individuals, particularly in accessing STEM education. Vidhya, one of the co-founders, played a significant role in inspiring the establishment of VE. She is the first blind student to study math at the higher secondary level in Karnataka. Facing firsthand challenges, she was determined to design solutions ensuring equitable access to STEM education for the visually impaired. Through their inclusive approach, they equip both sighted and visually impaired teachers and students with the knowledge, skills, and tools they need for their education.  

Watch this video by Wipro Media Fellow, Muhammad Neghin, that captures how VE engages with visually impaired children and educators, fostering an inclusive learning environment at Rangarao School for the Blind in Mysuru, Karnataka. To learn more about VE and their mission to empower children with visual impairment, visit their website: