Working in School Education

The 16th Wipro Partners’ Forum, held in April 2016, was focused on sharing and discussing partner organizations’ work. Many organizations and individuals talked about their work in education, how it evolved over the years and their reflections from the work. One day of the forum was set aside for a discussion on Organization building. A few partners presented their approaches to organization development. Wipro’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Anurag Behar, also shared Wipro’s strategy and thrust on partner network expansion.

The first day saw four different partner organizations share their organizational journeys. The Rainbow Foundation team shared their experiences of working for the education of street children, how they developed a comprehensive educational support model for them at Rainbow homes in Delhi and how the approach is now spreading to many other cities. Disha India spoke about how they started with the idea of experiential learning and applied some of the principles from Gandhi’s ‘Nai Taleem’ in today’s context in schools and the lessons they learned in that journey. The Goodbooks team shared their work, promoting Indian children’s literature among educators and parents through a professional online review platform for children’s literature (Goodbooks.
in), and Shikshamitra shared their journey of being a community school to evolving into a resource organization.

The second day had a diverse set of experiences and reflections from organizations and individuals who have been engaged in different kinds of work in education. Suhel Quader talked about Nature Conservation Foundation’s (NCF) idea of nature education, the importance of children developing an emotional relationship with nature and NCF’s efforts to weave this into their work. Arun Elassery shared reflections from his journeys to different alternative schools across the country. Jagjot Singh Sethi shared his personal narrative about how making films in education led to finding a purpose beyond the self. The Teacher Foundation team shared the work that has been happening on social and emotional learning. The second day also had introductory presentations from some  of our newer partners: Punarchith, JMECT and Vidya Mytri, who briefly shared about their organization, their area of work, challenges and their plans ahead.

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