Our vision is Every child Every education (Rehabilitation and Transformation of waste-picking children). Our project has a holistic approach aiming for

Northeast India has been a theater of conflicts over the years. Its richness, plurality, diversity of people, and strong tribal identity affiliation have

For this year, our vision was to start working directly with the government schools at the primary and middle levels collaborating with teachers, especially

Vidya Mytri, founded in October 2015 and operating in Koppal, Karnataka, aims to work towards education of the children from vulnerable communities. The

Olcott Memorial Higher Secondary School is a full-fledged school with students from KG to Grade 12. It is located in Chennai and caters to the underprivileged

Vision: Quality education is equally and easily accessible to every child in Maharashtra. Mission: To build a network of empowered educational leaders

Gramothhan is an Odisha-based non-profit organization that works for quality education to build an empowered society by engaging with marginalized communities

Nature Conservation Foundation (NCF) is a wildlife conservation research-driven non- governmental organization headquartered in Mysore and with offices

Karunar Kheti Trust (KKT) is trying to address the extreme education crisis in one of the typical, but dominant rural areas of Assam (in terms of population,

Maarga is a community-based organization in Karnataka that works for equitable distribution of fundamental resources and respect for human dignity and