Vision: A world that nurtures youth to bring sustainable social change to their communities.  Mission: Transforming the education scenario in the community

Vision: Wabi-Sabi is a program for the educational inclusion of disabled children. At Latika Roy Foundation (LRF), we believe inclusion happens when a

Vision: To generate a respectful and dignified life for everyone as envisioned in the constitution of India. Mission: To improve access to formal school

Vision: Unleashing entrepreneurial capabilities of marginalized girls in educationally backward geographies through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering,

The Community Library Project (TCLP) is a library organization that runs three free community libraries in Delhi NCR. Through this initiative, it seeks

The basic aim of the institution is to provide all special services to children with Intellectual Disabilities (ID) in the Raigad district and other villages

Samerth’s vision is to build a humane, sustainable & equitable society. The mission of the organization includes the bid to: Work towards strengthening

Vision: Education access for all, leading to the holistic development of Communities, Mission: By 2025, enable access to education to 2000 children for

Vision: To build a society where children, youth, and women from marginalized communities have an equal opportunity to access quality education and health.

Vision: Empowering children to thrive in school and beyond.  Mission: We make teaching and learning essential skills simple, fun, and accessible in India’s