Birds of Kyari

As part of the biodiversity module of the Wipro Sustainability Educator program, children of the Kyari Eco club have released a booklet titled ‘Birds of Kyari.’ This booklet documents the bird diversity in Kyari village located at the edge of Pawalgarh Conservation Reserve in Uttarakhand.

The Kyari Eco-club was started in mid-2020 as part of the Wipro Sustainability Educator program. The lead educator for the program, Bhaskar Sati, initiated nature walks for children after introducing them to the Wipro Sustainability’s Educator program’s biodiversity module. Over three months, between August and October 2020, the children went for nature walks, learned to identify the common bird species, and gained knowledge about their habits and habitat. Their knowledge has been captured using drawings and stories and summarized in this booklet.

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Download Book: Birds of Kyari – Wiproearthian