Guidelines for Reopening of Schools – AHPI & GCCMC

School campuses in India are reopening after being closed for a long time. A group of educators, health professionals, and parents associated with the Association of Healthcare Providers India (AHPI) and Global Coalition for COVID-19 Medical care (GCCMC) have put together guidelines for each stakeholder involved in the safe reopening of schools.

AHPI represents the majority of healthcare providers in India. GCCMC is a Wipro-enabled platform that brings together medical professionals to share knowledge and best practices in COVID-19 medical care to better clinical outcomes, improve hospital efficiency and coalesce home & hospital care.

The document includes standards, SOPs, and checklists for school personnel, students, parents, and community members and recommendations on:

  • Reopening preparations before students arrive
  • COVID Safety Task Force/Committee and reviewing safety protocols
  • COVID-appropriate behavior for all school employees/staff
  • Providing psychosocial support to students
  • Informing parents about school’s safety regulations and preventive measures
  • Working with parents to educate their kids about hygiene and health
  • Recommendations for campus management, toilet and washroom usage rules, particular safety protocols for playgrounds, labs, common areas, cafeterias, and mid-day meal service, and transportation facilities
  • Protocols for visitors to the school
  • Specific recommendations for special needs schools

Download your copy here.