Jodo Gyan Educational Services

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Jodo Gyan is a non-profit social enterprise working to bring about changes in actual classroom practices, especially in mathematics. Jodo Gyan’s efforts at finding workable solutions have led to close collaborations with schools and other organizations working with children across the country.

For more than two decades, Jodogyan has worked to develop and implement innovative methods in mathematics and science education. These methods are based on a simple premise – that children learn when they are engaged in activities which are meaningful to them.

All the programs of Jodo Gyan focus on capacity building of resource persons and the overall ecosystem for sustainable quality improvement, by connecting to actual classroom practice. The organization does this by conducting workshops for teachers, educators, school leaders, and by working closely with schools and children. A key part of the work has involved designing and producing low-cost teaching-learning materials (TLMs). It has also been participating in policy discussions in mathematics education.