Navjeevan Lokvikas Sanstha


Our vision is Every child Every education (Rehabilitation and Transformation of waste-picking children).

Location and mission of the Wipro-supported project:

The Wipro project is for developing education, promoting knowledge, and helping in the transformation of ragpickers in Ramnagar and balloon sellers in Sardarnagar at Bhiwandi.


The NLS Team is suffering many challenges such as incomplete documentation, not getting support from the community at the time of mobilization, etc.

Plan for the next 1-3 years:

Our future Planning was to maintain and give structure to children’s general knowledge & Educational skills which they get easily when we promote Higher Education.

Our project has a holistic approach aiming for the all-around development of children with abilities, their sustainable livelihood, rehabilitation, integration into society, and making them capable of participating in mainstream development skill processes and educational knowledge.

We believe that by making teachers easier to coordinate, our team will more actively participate in service and further activities. Through service, the teachers will work together to help the poor and afflicted, thereby creating a better environment. Through the small efforts of many, we wish to do more and more workshops for all staff in the upcoming year.

Increased and more appropriate support for staff through activity training and capacity-building programs especially for beginner teachers which help them in teaching children and their families.