SHIKSHAMITRA was founded in 2005 as a school and education resource centre, working on the issues of equity, pedagogy, and sustainable learning. Shikshamitra ran a school that offered children aged 8-16 a supportive, artistic, and creative environment where they could discover their personal strengths, explore and develop their individuality, and grow in understanding and confidence. Since 2008, Shikshamitra began to focus on its teacher training program, concentrating on Language Arts (Bangla and English), Math, Art, and Library Management. The program is systematic and based on years of actual teaching experience.

The organization currently serves as an open learning platform and resource center striving to share its knowledge with children, teachers, and parents and education practitioners who are struggling to achieve the age appropriate education mandate for 8-14 years old.

Shikshamitra has developed specific training modules and strategies, away from the conventional methods of teaching. This has helped and influenced the education of first generation school-goers and their teachers largely. Developing short courses and providing personal consultations are also important areas of Shikshamitra’s work.