Museum of Art & Photography (MAP)

MAP is set to be the region’s first major private museum. It has about 20,000 works in six major genres: Pre-Modern Art, Popular Culture, Living Traditions, Modern & Contemporary Art, Photography and Textiles, and Craft & Design. The purpose of MAP is to make art and culture accessible to a broad and plural audience in Bengaluru and the surrounding region.

With the opening of the MAP Museum of Art & Photography in Bengaluru, one of India’s outstanding collections of South Asian art became available for viewing to the public.

MAP’s 44,000 square foot building houses five galleries, a 130-seat auditorium, a library housing extensive research material on Indian art and culture that is freely available to students and researchers, as well as a café and restaurant.

Wipro Foundation is one of MAP’s founding patrons, and the museum’s library, named ‘Wipro Library’ honors this partnership. Across two floors, the library is a growing repository of art and art history books, including rare and unique ones.