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Project Summary

The Goodbooks Trust was set up in 2003 to facilitate the dissemination of information about children’s books and teaching-learning materials. Its activities include setting up teaching resource centers and libraries. Over the years, with the increasing focus on reading and the importance of school and classroom libraries, the demand for good children’s books has been growing. Given the nature of the children’s book market which is dominated by imported books from the west and poor quality mass produced Indian books, it is extremely difficult to find the good books that are being published in India. More and more books are being published by committed professional organisations which are hard to find in the current market. In the current scenario, the lack of information on what is available is acute. It was in this context that the Goodbooks Trust and Wipro had agreed to partner in building a comprehensive website which would work as a database for good children’s literature.

Facts on the Project is a platform for all those interested in children’s literature- academics interested in or studying the subject, parents looking for appropriate books for their children, writers, publishers, and any other individuals or organizations who may be interested.