Championing pangolin conservation in Assam’s schools

The hilly district of Karbi Anglong in Assam is rich in biodiversity. It harbors many rare species, including the critically endangered Chinese pangolin. The pangolin is considered the world’s most trafficked animal. Its scales are used in traditional Chinese medicines. Instances of pangolin poaching have been regularly documented in the district.

To raise awareness about illegal poaching of pangolins in the area, a campaign, “Save Karpu, Save Karbi Pride,” was launched by the Karpu Club. “Karpu” in Karbi language means “pangolin.”

Knowing well that schools can play a big role to amplify these conservation efforts, Serlibon Timungpi, a Wipro Sustainability Educator, has worked with the Karpu Club to spread awareness on pangolins conservation at the Sardokpo Ronghang Memorial Academy school.

“Most community members are not aware of the endangered status of the pangolin and that hunting it is a punishable offence. We wish to create awareness about the pangolin and pride that Karbi Anglong is home to this rare species. This is why we have chosen the slogan, “Save Karpu, Save Karbi Pride,” says Serlibon Timungpi.

Wipro Sustainability Educators Program supports grassroots environment educators like Serlibon. Its goal is to strengthen teachers’ abilities in environmental education. It also stewards sustainability education in schools. It engages with local communities as well, in areas like citizen science, local biodiversity registers, and learning from nature.