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Public spaces build a strong sense of community and encourage dialogue.

‘Public Spaces in Cities and Communities’ became a part of our CSR engagement in 2018. Fostering inclusive public spaces in our cities such as space for arts, sports, theatre, etc., that are designed to be accessible to the public at large.

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Our Approach

The role of public spaces in cities and communities in creating and fostering important human values of social integrity, inclusion, democracy, and empathy is well established. Public spaces build a strong sense of community, increase feelings of safety and security, and encourage community members to participate in collective affairs and undertake acts of civic responsibility. One way of increasing civic participation is by creating and preserving public spaces in our cities. The concept of ‘public space’ here refers to not just physical spaces like public parks or lakes but intellectual and social spaces that are inclusive in spirit.

Our Projects

School Education

Higher Education

Museum of Art and Photography (MAP) and The Bangalore International Centre (BIC)

One of the first major projects in this direction is the Museum of Art and Photography (MAP) in Bangalore. MAP is working on establishing a…

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Wipro Science Education Fellowship (UK)

The UK SEF program was started in 2018, following wide consultations with representatives from UK Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), the education department, academia, and educational…

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First Books Program

As technologies and economies evolve, it is imperative that we equip the next generation with an interest in lifelong learning, be it in STEM subjects…

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Started in 2007, Mission10X goal is to improve education in India’s engineering colleges. Over the last six years, Mission10X has reached out to over 28000…

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