Debunking vaccine hesitancy in underserved communities – one family at a time

In the narrative of addressing vaccine hesitancy, let’s begin with Ali Farhan, a 4-month-old symbolizing the struggles within underprivileged communities. His journey is against a backdrop of doubts due to misinformation and cultural apprehensions, where something as simple as vaccinating a child becomes a complex choice. 

Ali’s family, facing financial constraints, hadn’t considered vaccinations until Doctors For You (DFY), a Wipro Cares’ partner, approached them. In fact, Ali’s grandmother believed that vaccinations would make him sick more often. It was only after DFY’s interventions that the family understood vaccination’s critical role in strengthening a child’s immune system, and gained access to vaccines. Ali, who had never been vaccinated since birth, found his moment of care in a DFY camp, marking the start towards a healthier life.  

The outreach campaigns of DFY extend beyond education, reaching families burdened by uncertainty. As part of the Maternal and Child Health Services Project in Mumbai, they are ensuring access to vaccines through collaboration with government health posts in Mumbai. They organize outreach campaigns to sensitize families on the importance of timely vaccination. They also vaccinate children from marginalized communities, apart from providing people in underserved communities with accurate information about vaccines’ safety and efficacy.  

The joy among Ali’s family members is a testament to DFY’s impact. His mother expresses gratitude, saying, “I’m so happy and grateful to the team for sensitizing my family.”  

DFY’s commitment ensures that Ali’s story is not an exception but a glimpse into a broader mission. 

Doctors For You (DFY) has been a Wipro Cares’ partner since 2021. Wipro Cares, through DFY, is supporting primary healthcare services such as Routine Immunization (RI), Antenatal Care (ANC), Post-Natal Care (PNC), essential newborn care, etc., to vulnerable communities in the M-East ward of Mumbai, with a targeted population of around 15,500. The DFY team bridges the gaps between misconception and truth, and hesitation and action.