A ripple of change: Self-driven efforts transform Wipro-funded school to become water-secure

In the heart of Karnataka, where hope once waned under the weight of water scarcity, Government Model Higher Primary School (GMHPS) in Kora village, Tumakuru district, now stands resilient. 

Guided by Wipro’s partner, Biome Environmental Trust, and equipped with an understanding of water dynamics, the school adopted rainwater harvesting (RWH). Their efforts led to an annual harvest of 560 kiloliters of rainwater, an impressive feat given the region’s modest average rainfall of 900 millimeters. 

Reflecting on this, Mr. Madhusudan Rao, School Headmaster, said, “After the highway construction, local lakes dried up. Water conservation is crucial, and rainwater harvesting is ideal for its cost-effectiveness and water-energy conservation.” 

GMHPS students now use rain gauges and water quality assessment tools. A Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) committee, involving students, staff, parents, and Biome experts, was formed. The harvested water supports gardening, handwashing, and sanitation, with 280 kiloliters stored for immediate use and an equal amount directed to replenish groundwater. 

“Rao Sir taught us about water conservation and how it helps avoid future crises. We learned to reuse water for everyday activities,” shares Sandhya Rani, a student. 

In a time of changing rainfall patterns, rainwater harvesting is crucial, reducing reliance on borewells and tankers, ensuring a sustainable water future. 

Since April 2023, Biome has offered rainwater harvesting solutions to four government schools. GMHPS’s journey showcases the impact of collective action for a sustainable future.