Beyond the classroom – A teacher’s unwavering grit to never give up on her students

Meet Sudha, a teacher whose calling was to touch young lives with positivity. Known for her warm and expressive personality, Sudha’s more than two decades of teaching experience always helped her connect with her students in a special way. 

But not too long ago, Sudha found herself facing a situation that weighed heavily on her. Two of her students, despite her best efforts and countless warnings, seemed to be headed down a challenging path. They were not just unruly; they were also grappling with substance abuse and frequently missed school. It was with a heavy heart that Sudha had to make the difficult decision of preventing them from taking their Board exams. 

During a two-month mental health training program, Sudha made a remarkable discovery. She gained a deeper understanding of the intricate relationship between behavior and emotions. She learned that there was more to her students’ struggles than what met the eye, and that genuine care and compassion could make all the difference. 

Sudha was determined to make things right. She ensured that her troubled students received the counseling and support they needed to choose a brighter path. She even made efforts to secure their exam hall tickets.  

“My perspective on teaching and caring for my students would never have evolved without the mental health training. I promise, I’ll never give up on any student again,” shares Sudha, who stands as a beacon of hope and compassion at Thimmarayaswamy High School in Anekal, Bengaluru. Sudha’s journey reaffirms the power of understanding and heartfelt care, illustrating that even the smallest acts of kindness can light up the world. 

Wipro Cares, in partnership with the Children of India Foundation, is implementing the School Health Program in five schools in Bengaluru. In the program, teachers undertake two-month training on mental and adolescent health.