Education Annual Report 2022-23

At Wipro, we firmly believe that education is an enabler of social change. We envision a democracy where every citizen is empowered and driven by social sensitivity. Our notion of good education envisages holistic development in multiple dimensions, including cognitive, social, emotional, physical, and ethical abilities.

Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and public institutions have played a critical role in improving school education through sustained work and a wide range of creative interventions. Their work has had a direct impact on the ground by leading to shifts in educational discourse and practice. Our approach is to support such organizations engaged in school education to enhance learning experiences in schools.

We do this through various means, such as: Grants to enable organizations to undertake focused on-the-ground work; Capacity building in educational, operational, and organizational areas; Mentoring support from domain experts and experienced practitioners; Facilitating the creation of an active community of educational organizations and; Providing fellowships to founders of new organizations.

Our work in school education continues to be the cornerstone of our CSR interventions. We currently collaborate with ~140 partners from 27 states and UTs in the country on more than ~15 thematic areas, making it one of the most diverse networks of education groups across the country. We have supported 300+ organizations through 250+ educational programs to date, reaching out to over a million children. The impact of this vast and diverse network of education organizations has been in the areas of access, equity, curriculum, textbooks, teacher capacity, sustainability education, and school leadership, among other aspects.

This annual report provides a broad overview of our work in school education and its evolution. It also gives highlights of our interventions over the year 2022-23. Read it to find out more.