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Digantar (www.digantar.org) is a nonprofit organization working in the field of Education since 1978. Digantar was conceived as a platform where quality alternative education could be imparted to children. It believes that the overall objective of education should be to help children develop into autonomous, rational, caring, democratic citizens. A corollary of this would be that primary education should aim at making children self-reliant and motivated learners. This is an important measure of the quality of education at Digantar.

Digantar has two schools located at Bhawgarh Bandhya and Kho Rebariyan. It has a strong and experienced academic team as well. The areas of work include reflections on numerous fundamental issues, academic research, teacher training, academic workshops, developing teaching material etc. Apart from ‘Digantar Vidyalaya’, the journal ‘Shiksha Vimarsh’ and the course ‘Foundations of Education,’ are two of the projects of the organization that focus on different aspects of education.