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06/01/2022 - On Going

Supported by: Wipro Cares

About the organization

Dnyankala Sanvardhini Sanstha’s Nutan Balvikas Mandir School was started in the year 1982. It is located at 1779, Sadashiv Peth, Pune. Vimaltai Bhagwat, Smt. Shalinitai Jogalekar and Smt. Geetatai Gadre were dedicated, devoted and socially committed women educationists, who were determined to do something substantial. Thus, the established Dnyankala Sanvardhini Sanstha. Our school, Nutan Balvikas Mandir focuses on educating children from the economically weaker strata of society. They cannot afford to pay for education. They also do not know the importance of education. Our students are coming from Slums like Ambil Odha, Janata Vasahat, Parvati Slum, Dandekar Bridge Vasahat. Their Parents are working as rickshaw drivers, shop workers, and Painters. Most of the women work as maid servants and mid-wives in the hospitals.
Our goal is to impart sound and holistic education by cultivating the right values, self-reliance, self-discipline, character building and community awareness among students. Our management and teachers are committed to develop a positive learning environment that makes it possible for students to imbibe responsible and emotionally healthy behavior. We try to stress the importance of education among parents. We believe this is the path to producing a well-rounded and confident new generation with a bright future.
Program updates

We are able to do some constructive work in the school due to the financial support provided by Wipro Foundation. This support will raise the standard of education and increase the quality of students. We were able to recruit additional teachers. This made it possible to undertake the holistic development of students in the school with greater vigor by promoting the learning of language, science, and mathematics in English. Co-curricular activities were also undertaken.

Through Wipro’s support we were able to ensure the nutritional needs of close to 70 students in pre-primary grades. Likewise, we have been able to full equip a computer and science lab with support from Wipro Foundation.

Learning and challenges over the past years: It was noticed that teachers’ expectations about payment are very high. As a result, there were difficulties in getting teachers of different subjects. In schools, there was no concept of different teachers for such different subjects. This made it difficult to set the timetable. Providing nutritious food to kindergarten students was a big responsibility. A separate member of the organization was appointed for this purpose. We were required to select a member to carry out the overall maintenance of the school.

Future plans

We are going to move forward with a focus on achieving the plans listed below.

·         Focusing on increasing the number of students by increasing the educational standard of the school.

·         The school does not have its own building. The school building belongs to Scout Ground. We need our own building for the school.

·         We will have to focus on introducing techniques to improve the behavioral and mental well-being of students, as also improving their ability to concentrate on their studies.

·         Setting up a proper school library.