Kat Katha

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About the organization

The organization’s vision is to end forced sex work. With respect to Bridge School the organization aims to enrol all kids in a formal education and ensure holistic development via the Bridge School project.

Location of work

The Bridge School operates on GB road, Delhi. The Dream Village project operates in Noida Sector 52.

Project Update

The Bridge School runs on GB Road itself which is a red-light area in the heart of Delhi. It is important to run this project on GB Road because the women are not comfortable with sending their wards to a far-off place for education. Their trust in the outside system is low and wouldn’t allow their kids to go out of the brothels if not for Bridge School


The major learning has been that incorporating extracurricular activities beyond education is of paramount importance to maintain student’s interest in the school. 


The major challenge is to keep older children engaged in their studies while the pressure to earn money for them rises steadily as they grow older.

Future plan

In the next three years, we plan to build a night shelter at GB Road. We also aim to get our current students in a good private school or government model school. Our future objectives are threefold:

Educational: Bridge the learning level of the students enrolled in formal school.

Organizational – Open a night shelter so as to provide a safe environment to the kids to thrive in. 

Operational: Work with the Neev Foundation to build detailed project plans and execute them for each project that runs at Kat Katha.

We spend 8 hours per week on psychological therapy and team activities to build the capacity and resilience to work with the entire team. Other than that new teachers will also spend 2 hours per week with LIFI to build academic expertise.

The two new recruits will attend regular weekly workshops with the LIFI foundation that include teacher training in academics.