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05/31/2021 - On Going

About the organization

‘Education for the deprived’ is the motto of Khelghar. About 200 underprivileged children are benefited by this project. Most of the parents in Laxminagar are very poor construction workers and both must go out for work for the whole day. Children do not get a loving and caring atmosphere for learning. Hence, many children either drop out of school or are very irregular.

Khelghar conducts creative games, arts and crafts lessons, and discussions which help children to experience joy in learning. This motivates them to complete their basic education. Creative methods of education used in Khelghar are helping these children immensely. We have observed many positive changes in the children, who are attending Khelghar regularly. This includes:

  • Children stay from fights, alcoholism, drugs, and other negative influences.
  • Confidence level is high, and they can express themselves well.
  • They are aware of their social responsibilities.
  • The children who have enrolled at a young age are progressing academically.
  • There is a renewed urge for higher learning.



We work in Laxminagar near Dahanukar Colony at Kothrud, Pune.


Program updates

Life skill development is the prime focus of our work, but we do work on maths and language skills with some priority. The latter is perceived to be an important foundation of children’s all-round development. To ensure such development, we adopt the following strategies:

  • The total number of children is about 110-120. They are divided into 5 groups. Special attention is given to children who are on the verge of dropping out of school. this approximately includes 10 to 12 children.
  • Every week six classes of two hours each, comprising activity-based learning of life skills, mathematics, and language are undertaken.
  • Workshops, special programs, and exposure visits are planned for life skills development. They also help in keeping alive the interest of children in learning.
  • Initiatives are taken to cultivate scientific attitudes and environmental consciousness.
  • Class libraries are run in different innovative ways to develop interest in reading.
  • English language education is initiated at an early age.
  • Sessions for keeping children away from self-destructive behaviors in the form of street fights, addictions, and vandalism is a priority.

Interaction with parents is important to keep children within the folds of education and on the right track. For this another set of activities is undertaken. Continuous interaction with parents is done for better development of children and keeping children away from crime and addictions.

Special monthly meetings are facilitated to develop awareness among parents about the importance of education, gender sensitivity, and environmental awareness. For a better understanding of Khelghar, we conduct basic learning activities with enthusiastic parents in groups called ‘Khelghar mitra.’ For interested parents, we also run English language classes.

Future Plans

All our activities and classes will continue with the same zeal and zest in the future as well. The following activities are planned for the coming year:

  • Regular classes of all groups.
  • Special sessions and counseling for remedial and restless children.
  • Parents’ meetings and development programs.
  • Working with children regarding environmental awareness.
  • Working with children on logical thinking.
  • Special workshops on reading and writing during summer vacations.
  • Special social awareness sessions on gender sensitivity.
  • Sports week.
  • Bringing middle and high school children to understand the risks of sexual relationships and making them aware of precautions.
  • Group building and leadership development.
  • Strengthening the Khelghar mitra, or special parents’ group.