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Vision: To empower, secure rights, and improve the quality of life of persons with intellectual disabilities (PWIDs) and their families.

Mission: To advance the personal development of PWIDs, to promote advocacy and rights of PWIDs, and to encourage their full participation in society.

Strategy: To achieve this through the many services we provide and activities we organize, involving the stakeholders and networking at various levels in the community.

Location: At our premises at 56 Arabinda Nagar, Khalpar, Joka, Kolkata 700 104. Also, regularly in the Jadavpur, Lake Gardens, Behala, Kabardanga areas in Kolkata and Usthi, Falta, Budge budge, Sonapur, and Baruipur areas of South 24 Parganas, to reach out to children and their families in these communities.

Additional details: We provide a holistic service which includes occupational and speech therapies, sensory integration, leisure and recreation, and functional academics in a more refined way. These therapies improve the movement of limbs and other parts of their bodies effectively. Sensory integration helps children to overcome their sensory challenges and hence to lead a meaningful life. Speech therapy improves the language and communication of all children. All these therapies are mostly done in the presence of parents/carers to ensure effective follow-up at home. On January 3, 2023, the new school year began. The pupils’ new grouping was finished in December 2022. The responsible special educators prepared and carried out their plans as well. New stationery sets were given to the students. To determine the pupils’ functionality, the short-term goals and baseline assessment were established by January 15th.

Learnings over the past year:

  1. The main learning has been that with the introduction of regular speech and occupational
    therapists, children’s quality of life has improved. It has added value to the organization.
  2.  Involving the parents more in the process has led to better outcomes. Challenges over the past year: The main challenge has been the exit of two long-serving staff members working on vocational training and the sudden resignation of the sole administrative assistant.

Plan for the next 1 to 3 years:
A key goal is to enrol more children with intellectual disabilities from Kolkata and the adjacent districts. We also plan to empower the mothers through capacity-building programs and to empower more people to take ownership of the organization.

We are adding a new employee to the Director of Administration position starting in April 2023, to improve the effectiveness of the work we do and help in strategic planning.

Two separate rooms have been allocated and prepared. One is meant for rhythm and music, and the other for sensory integration. The infrastructure is in good condition. Materials and furniture are in the process of being acquired. These two rooms will be ready for use by 3 rd April. A thorough evaluation of the curriculum was in place. An evaluation of therapy will be implemented starting this year.

Strategic planning of the organization will be undertaken involving the members of the Executive Committee. The goal of this process will be to identify the sensitive areas of operation that need immediate intervention and change of strategies. Initially this will be a full day process. It will be followed by a minimum of two hours per week in the year.

We are also planning capacity building workshops to help the organization to empower the staff members to work more professionally and competently. The proposed themes of this workshop include: Review and documentation; Legal Aid and Policies; Leadership training; and Accounts training.