Pararth Samiti

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01/31/2021 - On Going

Supported by: Wipro Cares

About the organization

Organisation came in its inception in 1999 with the vision to establish a society, free of social and economic uncertainties where everyone gets equal opportunities to excel as a voluntary agency. The organization endeavors to work as a facilitator in the process of development. The mission of the organization is to work for the comprehensive development of the poor Dalits and people living on the margins by promoting inclusive development processes and strengthening people’s institutions.

The organization mainly works on educational, organizational and developmental-based strategies.

  • Educational approach: We create awareness, increase knowledge and accelerate the learning and teaching process through various trainings, awareness camps, demonstrations, orientations, seminars, etc.
  • Organizational process: In this process Pararth Samiti from local community-based organizations, promotes leadership, and networks with other NGOs and people’s organizations and federations. Rights-based advocacy, research and development, and policy-level work are undertaken as part of the same.
  • Developmental strategies: With the practical approaches and the people’s strength, the organization works for the process of social change with a view to sustainable and balanced development, so the poor and tribal people can preserve and have their control over their livelihood resources.

Program updates

The project undertaken with assistance from Wipro Foundation is named as ‘Teacher as Agents of Change.’ Its main objectives are as follows:


  • To ensure that every child in the age group 6 to 11 years goes to school;
  • To train primary teachers in innovative techniques relating to subjects such as Mathematics and Hindi;
  • To empower members of School Management and Development Committees (SMDC) to exercise their rights to improve quality of education in the schools.


While working with children of the age group 11 to 20 years, we realized the need to intervene with a younger age group to minimize the rate of out-of-school and dropout children. As a result, Pararth Samiti then decided to shift the focus of their work in education to the children of age group 6 to 11 years, or those attending primary school. The motto is to catch them young and work at the foundational level.


Future plans


  • To extend the work for approximately 7,500 families in four blocks of Chhindwara district of Madhya Pradesh.
  • To get Nari Shakti Mahila Sangh (Women Federation) registered and establish it as an autonomous organization in the form of a Farmers’ Producer Organization (FPO).
  • Commercial expansion of Livelihood activity based on animal husbandry and to link it with at least 2,000 families.
  • To work with at least 150 government primary schools in two blocks of Chhindwara district for improvement in quality education.
  • To minimize and reduce malnutrition in tribal-dominated blocks in the district, as part of the overall bid to work in coordination with the government’s Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS).