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About the organization

Vision: To build a society where children, youth, and women from marginalized communities have an equal opportunity to access quality education and health. 

Mission: Committed to supporting processes for sustainable change in a way that enhances the awareness of the rights and responsibilities of individuals for the overall development of society. 

Strategy: To enhance the learning level of the students, the foundation is doing the following things – 


  • Establishing libraries in primary schools. 
  • Hiring and engaging school coordinators to train teachers on the use of libraries.
  • Focus on remediation of students to bring them into the mainstream. 
  • We also run community learning centers for school dropouts, street children, and out-of-school children. 
  • Through our remedial classes and library usage, we focus on FLN, 
  • We enrol the children in the nearby schools. 
  • We offer career guidance to the youth.
  • We also help them through our language support program.


Location of work

Pratibimb Foundation is working in Mirzapur district of U.P. We have three govt primary schools in Nagar Kshetra and 3 community learning centers in Nagar Kshetra and Lalaganj block of Mirzapur.


Project updates and plan of action

For the next session, we plan to bring the 20-30 percent of the students within the ambit of appropriate learning. In the next three years, we are looking forward to bringing 70-90 percent of students within the purview of appropriate learning. 



Currently, there is a high drop-out rate in elementary schools especially among girls as they are not able to cope with academic challenges.


Future interventions 

We will focus on our three schools and three community learning centers. 

We will ensure that SMCs and community members participate more actively and take an active interest in the academic growth of their children. Community role in ensuring better attendance, and regularity, will be underscored. 

As part of an organizational plan, we are trying to maintain a professional finance structure and for that we have already engaged a local accountant. We maintain the cash book, ledger book, etc. We have a plan to document each activity. 

Pratibimb team has already initiated the community visits. It is also conducting PTMs and meeting with the parents who are not connected with schools. To operate all the activities and meet the financial challenges, we are trying to connect with CSR and local businessmen who can support us.

We allocated 20-30 percent of our time to capacitate our teams. To meet this expectation, our team is already taking sessions with Rohit Dhankar Ji and the Digantar Team, who are running the informal discussions on education. Apart from that, we have also planned to connect our team to capacitate in the field of Library Management. We have developed the mechanism of peer learning through our weekly meetings, virtual and otherwise. 

 Our team is highly engaged in Library management work and focuses on FLN. So, we are planning to capacitate our team on Library management, Hindi learning methods, and Mathematics pedagogies, to have a better conceptual understanding. For these three areas, we have planned to ensure the participation of our teammates in bookworm sessions, mathematical workshops, and English and Hindi workshops, through Wipro Connect.