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About the organization


Vision: building a just healthy equitable community to which everyone can belong and thrive as part of. 

Mission: to bring sustainable changes in our community through education transformation by local youth leaders. 

As part of our strategy, we design and implement educational programs to make learning meaningful and joyful. Building capacities of local youth to run the educational programs in their community.

Location of work

Joymoti Nagar, Bye-Lane 7, Adabari, Guwahati, Assam.

To enhance the critical reading and creative thinking of children and to strengthen children’s meaningful engagement with school learning we run three programs. This includes a community library, an early childhood education facility, and a school classroom library program. The school library program is located in Pandu, Guwahati in the Kamrup district of Assam, and community centers are located in Jalukbari, Guwahati in the Kamrup district of Assam.

Learnings: how to increase meaningful engagement within children by developing pedagogical knowledge and TLM was a great learning for us over the last year. 

Challenges: to shift the prior knowledge of direct stakeholders and to increase engagement within the community with limited resources was a great challenge for us.


Project updates

To strengthen the reading practices and establish the meaning engagement within the classroom and community we plan to work with teachers and parents for the next 3 years. We will extend our work with 7 to 8 government schools. We will establish another community center in rural Assam to create a space for meaningful learning for rural children.


Plan of action

Educational: We will work with two more classes (class 1 and class 5) along with class 3 in the same school where we are running our program at present. We will start working with one more government school where We will continue our centers of early childhood education and community library, where regular interventions around critical reading and thinking will be done. 

Organizational: We will get the needed documents for the organization. This necessarily includes 12A, 80G, and other documents. We will be searching for different fund-based opportunities to strengthen our human resources. To ensure the smooth facilitation of work and a safe work culture and environment we will make policies on discrimination, child safety, and human resources, that clearly state the code of conduct. An executive management committee will be created to plan strategies for improving work effectiveness. 

Operational: We will develop curriculums for our library and ECE. Team members will participate in external capacity-building workshops to make themselves equipped for meaningful engagement. We will invite external resource persons to our internal capacity-building sessions to build more understanding of different pedagogical aspects of reading practices. We will create educational resources through book translation, story cards, and TLM to promote and provide opportunities for children to engage in critical reading and writing. We will design a youth leadership program to mobilize the community.

We propose to devote 60 days in a year to internal capacity building. Additional time will be allocated for external capacity-building workshops. In the future, we are interested in attending workshops on foundational literacy and numeracy programs, art workshops, early childhood education, and documentation workshops. These workshops will help us to strengthen our understanding. Documentation workshops will help us to document our learnings, challenges, and successes systematically.