Unmukt Foundation

About the organization


Vision: To create joyful and sustainable learning communities.

Mission: We aim to create a space where learners choose, co-create, co-exist, and co-excel; where individuals unshackle their inner artist; and where communities learn to care for the environment. 

Strategy: To create educational models by researching, implementing, and documenting the process and impact and then replicate it on a larger scale with the government. Keep things simple and effective. Create a strong diverse, efficient, and super ambitious team and board.


Location of work

Bhubaneswar, Odisha



  • We need to hire more young people as they can understand children well and have the energy to go the extra mile.
  • Create a robust process in the organization that enhances efficiencies and reduces the need for micromanagement. 
  • There is a need to keep going back to the strategy once you make it otherwise there is a higher chance that you go with the flow and miss the targets. 
  • The 21st century skills and mainstream subjects can be taught through art classes. For this purpose, we need to design an art curriculum.  
  • We need a more in-depth understanding of education philosophy and its history and how it can help us to improve our teaching.  
  • Not everyone can be a teacher and proper induction and training are required to develop this skill. 



  • Getting funds and maintaining a regular flow of funds 
  • Finding right-fit team members and retaining them 
  • Utilizing mentors efficiently and finding the right mentors for the organizational strategy


Plan of action

  • To implement the holistic education PEACE model at ULC hub and then pilot it in the government schools
  • Take the Amaa Kritishaalaa model to schools and communities in a large scale to improve literacy 
  • Creating safe learning spaces 
  • Creating a fellowship for youth to teach children and spread it in across Odisha
  • Get into rural and tribal schools in the coming three years 
  • Engage with youth to create Urban forests, nutri-gardens in schools and spread actionable environmental education
  • Invest 10 hours per week on capacity building


In the coming time, we will also look for support and assistance in developing the following: 

  • A funding strategy 
  • Curriculum for holistic education 
  • Program for literacy and numeracy 
  • Art workshop program
  • Organizational strategy and HR processes 
  • System of volunteer management 
  • Strategy of working with the government system