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12/31/2016 - On Going
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About Vardhishnu

Vardhishnu–Social Research & Development Society, is a Jalgaon-based not-for-profit organization, trying to provide a safe, secure, and happy childhood to street children, especially child waste pickers and child laborers. According to Census 2011, there are 4.5 million child laborers between the age of 5-14 in India. These children often live and/or work on the street. They make small earnings to support their families and, in the process, become vulnerable to exploitation by others. They also suffer a variety of physical and moral dangers.


The organization works predominantly in and around Jalgaon, Maharashtra.


Program updates

Anandghar (A Home of Happiness): The idea is to create an ecosystem of safe and joyful spaces of learning and support for street children, especially child waste pickers and child laborers. It is achieved through community learning centers as well as learning centers within schools which act as a bridge between the children, parents, and the schools. Currently, there are 4 Community learning centers in Jalgaon and Chopada with 300 plus children.

Anandghar Community Collectives: This is a one-year unique support program for individuals and/or initiatives working with children from economically disadvantaged backgrounds to kick-start their program and achieve desired outcomes much faster. There have 14 Initiatives across Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh & and Uttar Pradesh working with 20 educators who have created 21+ learning spaces reaching out to 2,000 and more children.


Plan of action for next two years

  • By the end of 2024, we hope to initiate 12 active Anandghars in Jalgaon district with 36 educators, with 3 educators per center, catering to the needs of 1,200 children. It is estimated that each center will accommodate at least 80-100 children.
  • Ensure that 90% of these children get enrolled in schools and sustain their education.

By the end of 2024, we aspire to collaborate with at least 25 organizations cum initiatives across Maharashtra to replicate the model of Anandghar.