Schools in the times of COVID-19

Recommendations for starting and running government schools, given the COVID-19 situation 

The unusual challenges generated by the current COVID crisis caught everyone unawares and unprepared, including all of us in the field of education. How do we conduct classes, or exams, or think of a school year, and all the other academic and administrative needs and reporting for the year? How do we bring in inclusivity in a rush to find technological solutions for the way forward? Is this an opportunity to radically rethink our methods of evaluation in schools? Is there a more significant role for teachers in such a situation? In such a confusing mélange of questions, clarity and direction are sorely needed.

The report by Azim Premji Foundation (APF) on the State of Schools in the Times of COVID is a much-needed one in this direction. The report draws from the many years of field experience of the APF staff in the field from across the country. It is well-supported by several annexures charting recommendations with well-supported numbers and where required, illustrations as well.

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