Towards an inclusive future

Bushra joined Chehak Trust’s library program in 2017 when she was 10 years old. She was mischievous and impulsive. She was a little impatient in her interactions with her peers as well. During the inclusive library sessions organized by Chehak Trust where children with disabilities interact with able-bodied children, she was paired with Fardeen, a child diagnosed with intellectual disability and speech impairment. Initially, Bushra was hesitant in her interactions with Fardeen. She did not understand his disabilities and did not know how to be sensitive to him. The librarians gently dispelled Bushra’s inhibitions. She guided both children to interact with each other more effectively.  

When Bushra’s parents found out that she was engaging with children with disabilities at the community library, they were unwilling to send Bushra. The Chehak team, through a sensitization session, allayed the children’s misconceptions. Bushra went back home and convinced her family to let her attend the library sessions.  

Over the next few months, she started compassionately interacting with Fardeen and their friendship blossomed. If able-bodied children are guided in their interactions with their disabled peers, they can help them feel less alienated and develop a sense of belonging.  

Through these inclusive camps, Fardeen’s participation and confidence increased. He gained a friend in Bushra. He also began to get comfortable being around and working together with other children. His parents also observed the marked difference in his social interactions with children of his age in the locality.  

Chehak Trust, a Wipro Cares partner runs a disability intervention center where rehabilitative services are provided to children from low-income families in Mumbai. It initiated ‘Meljol’ which is an inclusive camp where children with and without disabilities come together and participate jointly in joyful creative activities. The team believes that by reaching out to children they would be able to create a society that is more accepting of children with disabilities and build social support systems for them in the community.  

Wiproites, this was possible with your contribution to Wipro Cares. As you know, Wipro Cares is an employee-led community initiative arm of the Wipro Foundation and engages in Education, Primary Healthcare, Community Ecology, and Disaster Response in proximate communities.  


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