Education for Children with Disabilities

Education for Children with Disabilities from disadvantaged sections is not just about schooling; it is linked to a host of other enabling factors like availability of nutrition, community support, specially trained teachers, assistive technology, and access to healthcare, etc. We support a wide range of NGOs serving different disability areas, integrating multiple models and approaches into aspects of education and development of Children with Disabilities.

Our partners employ diverse models, working on different disabilities such as visual, speech and hearing, locomotor, intellectual and developmental disabilities across geographical locations. Within the larger framework of our work, we have consciously encouraged early intervention and inclusive education.

The grant supports education programs that leverage multiple sensory approaches in foundational literacy and numeracy curriculum and integrated rehabilitative therapies, in addition to focusing on building parents’ capacities, empowering them, and sensitizing numerous stakeholders, including teachers, schools, and communities. Some of our partners specifically work towards systemic improvement around curriculum and teacher training to educate children with disabilities.


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