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Working in Conflict Situations: Shiksharth Trust

Watch this short film on Shiksharth, a Wipro Foundation partner that works with children in sensitive and violence-prone areas of Chhattisgarh. Shiksharth strives to provide safe spaces and contextually relevant, personalized learning opportunities to children from tribal communities. To learn more about their work, please visit: https://shiksharth.in/. Working in Conflict Situations: Shiksharth Trust Partners Stories

ArtSparks: Re-envisioning Education, Teaching and Learning through Art

Bengaluru-based ArtSparks Foundation runs Creative Learning Labs for children enrolled in local government and low-fee aided schools. With their carefully designed art education interventions, ArtSparks has been helping children unlock their minds, engage their hearts and instill a sense of creative confidence. The labs also play a critical role in skilling facilitators from the community […]

Survivors of 2018 Kerala Floods | Wipro Cares Disaster Response

When natural disasters occur, disadvantaged communities endure the most. Often their livelihoods are severely affected. After the 2018 floods in Kerala, Wipro Cares and Kottappuram Integrated Development Society (KIDS) focused on establishing livelihood opportunities for Persons with Disabilities. This initiative engaged them in traditional screw pine craft, which has also contributed to its revival to […]

Enabling Education with Head, Heart, Hand and Soul

Watch this short film on Simple Education Foundation (SEF), a Wipro Foundation partner, which works with children enrolled in government schools in Delhi and Uttarakhand. SEF implements holistic, contextual and collaborative interventions to deliver high-quality learning to children. To learn more about SEF, please visit: https://sef.org.in/ Enabling Education with Head, Heart, Hand and Soul Partners […]

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This is a position paper, which describes Wipro’s views and beliefs, which drive our decisions and actions,

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