Wipro Education Fellowship Program

Wipro Education Fellowship Program has been designed to contribute to the systemic improvement of Indian school education by supporting early stage civil society organizations (CSOs) focused on school education.

Given the size, diversity and complexity of our country, we need a large number of educational organizations to make an impact on our school education system.  Wipro Education Fellowship Program was launched in 2016 with the objective of supporting the creation and development of a significant number of new educational organizations that can contribute meaningfully and in a sustained manner to Indian school education. The program selects and supports committed and capable individuals and teams who share our vision of quality education being available to every Indian child. We provide a 3-year founder’s fellowship to set up effective educational NGOs in domains and geographies of their choice.

Selected fellows are supported with a fellowship stipend, workshops and mentoring from partner resource organizations for capacity building, and access to networking opportunities with other educational CSOs within our partner network.


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