Wipro Education Fellowship Program

Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and public institutions have played a critical role in improving school education through sustained work and a wide range of creative interventions. Their work has had a direct impact on the ground. It has also led to shifts in educational discourse and in practice. There is a burgeoning need for CSOs to address the evolving challenges of school education in the country.

The Wipro Education Fellowship Program has been designed to contribute to the systemic improvement of Indian school education. It does this by supporting early-stage CSOs focused on school education. Given the size, diversity and complexity of our country, we believe that there is a need for a large and vibrant ecosystem of educational organizations, to make an impact on our school education system.

The Fellowship Program was launched in 2015-16. Its objective is to support the creation and development of a significant number of new educational organizations. We hope that these can then contribute meaningfully and in a sustained manner to the Indian school education system. The program selects and partners with committed and capable individuals and teams, who share our vision of quality education being made available to every Indian child. We provide a three-year Fellowship to founding team members. This aims to help them set up effective educational organizations in domains and geographies of their choice.

Since inception, the fellowship program has assisted ~80 early-stage organizations and 145 individuals in 60+ districts, to establish NGOs in specific domains and locations. These organizations also focus on vulnerable communities across the country. Along with a stipend, fellows are able to access a plethora of capacity building offerings facilitated by Wipro Foundation. These include workshops, mentoring support, and networking opportunities with other educational CSOs within our partner network


Applications will close by May 31, 2024


Shortlisted applicants can expect to hear from us within eight weeks of applying. Due to the high volume of applications we receive, we will be unable to write back to all the applicants. It will also not be possible for us to respond to individual queries regarding the status of an application. 


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